Vertical Zebra Blinds – A breakthrough in style, and function.

A breakthrough in style, efficiency, and function Zebra shades gently filter the sun, combining the light control of a horizontal blind. It is an enviromentally- friendly blind.

It is made with a special weave method, using a piece of dacron among which is added pieces of gauze. It’s illumination fastness is 5 grade. We use some special techniques so that it’s thread won’t break up. We utilise a special technique with this kind of blinds making it’s surface very smooth and glossy.

Its materials are not easy to dirty, and can be cleaned by water and also can be ironing.

Product details

  • Product Type: 
  • Made to Measure: 
  • Operation: 
    Chain Operated / Motorised Operated
  • Fabric: 
    Sun Screen, Sun Block, Blackout

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