Outdoor Roller Blinds Systems are a unique screen system. With a sophisticated technical design, it creates a modern touch to any buildings. Thanks to the special stitching of the fabric in the side guidance, the Outdoor Roller Blinds Systems basically increase the roller blind’s resistance to wind. When in the closed position, it partially replaces an insect screens and when the blackout type of material is used, it ensures darkness effectively.

Selecting technical fiber, glass fiber covered with PVC or polyester fiber covered with a PVC layer, it is possible to ensure maximum protection against sun rays and heat penetration, ensuring the optimal level of day light inside and ensuring optimal contact with the outdoor surroundings. The built-in motor highlights the modern design of the system and its overall comfort.


Product details

  • Product Type: 
  • Made to Measure: 
  • Operation: 
    Remote Controlled
  • Colours: 
    Various colours and fibre glass textures
  • Sunlight Blocker: 

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