Now you can have the best of both worlds and incorporate a Light Filtering or Sunscreen Blind teamed with a Blackout Blind on the one unique bracket.

Sunscreen/Blackout – The Sunscreen fabric allows you to maintain your views of outside while blocking anyone from seeing in during the day, when your lights are off. Teamed with a Blackout Roller Blind.

Sun Block/Blackout – The Sun Block fabric allows light to still filter into your room during the day but minimises vision. Ideal for blocking unsightly views, such as a neighbours fence. Teamed with a Blackout Roller Blind.

Sun Block/Sunscreen – When total darkness and privacy aren’t an issue, then this is a great choice for softening your windows. During the day the Sunscreen will give you vision and reduce heat. You are also able to have both blinds down to soften the light and reduce the heat even further, without totally darkening the room. In the evening a certain level of privacy will be achieved with a diffused window covering.Daytime & Evening Privacy

    Great for added insulation in Summer & Winter
    Reduces sun glare
    Minimises home furnishings from fading

Product details

  • Product Type: 
  • Made to Measure: 
  • Operation: 
    Chain Operated / Motorised Operated
  • Fabric: 
    Sun Screen, Sun Block, Blackout

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